Automatic Bending Machine Price for Sale

Intelligent Flexible Bending Machine Center

1. Subvert the traditional bending equipment, the bending process is fully automated, with high precision, high speed, intelligence and flexibility.

2. As long as a set of molds and one-time positioning are performed, the workpiece can be bent at any angle on the four sides, up and down, and supports functions such as arc bending and pressing dead edges.

3.Bus control, supports up to 64 axes.

4.With the function of direct programming of tables, the programming is flexible and easy to learn, and the requirements for the knowledge level of operators are low. Support the import of 2D DXF drawings to automatically generate processing programs.

5. Standard heavy-duty precision ball screw and linear guide, high precision and durability.

6. All drive shafts are controlled by servo valves, the maximum speed is 350mm/s, and the repeatability is ±0.01mm.

7. Support manual simulation of bending function.

8. The system supports the remote service function, and reserves the interface for MES signal, network connection and smart factory upgrade.


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