CNC V grooving machine for stainless steel

GSV Series V Grooving Machine

1. High strength and good stability machine body frame.

2. High-strength alloy steel rack and pinion drive, easier maintenance, lower failure rate, fast and stable operation.

3. Adopt international famous brand ball screw and linear guide structure, the positioning is accurate and reliable.

4. The tool is cooled by the automatic blowing cooling cold air, improves the service life of the tool and has zero pollution to the workpiece.

5. It adopts the special CNC system of Taiwan HUST planing machine, with mature technology, stable and reliable.

6. The tool rest and feeding device are controlled by servo motor, the planing and positioning are accurate and reliable, and the accuracy can reach ±0.01mm.

7. Using a 15-inch TFT color LCD touch screen, the command input is fast and clear.

8. The hydraulic control system of Taiwan WAISN is adopted to realize fully automatic pressing and loosening of the pressing plate and jaw, and the pressure stability is reliable.

9. White steel knives and alloy knives are interchangeable.

10. Standard single-pole white steel knife, optional double-blade and alloy knife.


Differenet specification of GSV Series V Grooving Machine

GSV Series V Grooving Machine data sheet.jpg

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