Difference between CNC hydraulic press brake and ordinary hydraulic press brake?

2020-06-18 09:25:00

The CNC hydraulic press brake adds a CNC system on the basis of the ordinary hydraulic press brake, which makes it easy to operate and can be processed quickly, and improves the accuracy and stability. The ordinary hydraulic press brake needs to be operated manually, and the manual operation according to the drawing will consume more time and energy than the CNC hydraulic press brake.

Firsly, in terms of processing efficiency, 

CNC hydraulic press brakes can program the processing steps through the CNC system, while the ordinary hydraulic press brakes can only manually adjust each processing step. The ordinary hydraulic press brakes are suitable for small batch processing and are cheap, while CNC press brakes are suitable for processing large batches and various specifications, with higher processing efficiency.

Secondly, in terms of processing accuracy, 

CNC hydraulic press brakes generally use position sensors and servo valves. After forming a closed-loop control with the CNC numerical control system, the bending accuracy will be higher. However, GSI's torsion axis synchronous press brake uses three cylinders for synchronous compensation, one more cylinder than its peers, so GSI’s ordinary hydraulic press brake can also achieve high precision in the processing process. Many customers buy our ordinary press brakes to make doors, requiring high precision.

Thirdly, in terms of scalability, 

the CNC hydraulic press brake can expand a series of derivative functions through expansion modules and port authorization, such as automatic loading and unloading functions, automatic follow-up material support functions, and automatic precision detection functions.

Customers should choose their press brakes according to their own processing needs. If have more things want to know about, welcome to contact GSI for consultation.

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