About GSI

Guangzhou Shipyard International CO.,LTD. (GSI)

Established in 1954, GSI is an enterprise under China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC). It is a military factory directly under Chinese central government that integrates ships, major steel structures and mechanical equipments. GSI has also successfully got listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In 1980s, GSI started to OEM hydraulic shears and bending machines for oversea enterprises and then introduced technology from overseas to China early 1990s. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of press brake machine and hydraulic shearing machine in China. 

After more than 40 years of technology improvement and continuous innovation, GSI has grown into a leading enterprise in high-end sheet metal processing machine tools industry with more than 100 patented technologies. Product range includes electric hydraulic CNC press brakes, hydraulic NC press brake, robotic cells with robot arm for bending, automatic bending machine center, CNC shearing machine for cutting and vertical V grooving machine.

Years of rich experience in press brakes and hydraulic shears
Square meters of factory production area
Sets of advanced/large/full range processing equipments
Patents of mechanical tools designs and technologies



As a military factory under Chinese government, GSI develops and manufactures high-end and smart machine tools, such as hydraulic CNC press rakes, synchronous torsion bar bending machine, robotic bending cells, automatic bending machine centers, hydraulic swing beam shearing machine, hydraulic CNC Guillotine shears, V grooving machine etc.. We are continuously following the new trends and customer expectations, producing machines with advanced technology, high efficiency yet environment friendly and energy saving. 

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